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Client Case Design Reports

With your data and our software capabilities through our proprietary relationships, we can provide important

information to help you make the right decisions.

Color of Money Risk Analysis & Report​

Before a client can make an informed decision about their assets, they need to have a clear understanding about their own attitudes toward risk and how it might relate to their retirement. The Color of Money Risk Analysis explores how your clients feel about potential gains and losses and examines the uncertainty and predictability of their assets.

Retirement Compass

Retirement Compass will help you chart your clients’ income planning destinations. The report integrates multiple sources of income, including Social Security, pensions and rental income, along with strategies to generate income from assets, to help your clients fulfill their goals throughout retirement.

Social Security Maximization

This report analyzes all possible filing strategies, examines multiple opportunities and helps you determine a solution for your clients. It provides a complete retirement roadmap with specific dates and instructions to help optimize their Social Security income.

Custom Annuity Policy Review

Examine the rider fees and internal expenses associated with a variable annuity policy to illustrate to your clients the cost associated with owning the policy and how it may affect their potential returns.

1040 Snapshot

The 1040 Snapshot software provides a picture of your clients' current tax situations and clearly demonstrates opportunities to minimize tax liabilities today and in the future.

Income Aviator

Providing income during retirement is like flying through turbulence. If your clients are concerned about outliving their income, Income Aviator will bring structure to an otherwise confusing concept. Draft a retirement flight plan to illustrate how to partition retirement assets to maximize returns.